About us

Zrazey Fundme | Crowdfunding Platform

Zrazey Fundraising started as a solution for school teachers to raise money for clubs, organizations, and sports teams. Campaigns quickly expanded to include fundraising for events, field trips, classroom learning materials, even capital improvement projects.

We completely understand why. It was all about convenience. 

The Zrazey Fundraising platform combined the fun of a social network with the utility of a crowdfunding platform. Gone was the stress of carrying raffle tickets or parents having to take items to their workplaces to sell. Sports coaches no longer had to ask parents or athletes to keep track of inventory or money from sales. School leaders no longer had to worry about the auditing divisions of their school districts because all transactions were done using Paypal. There were no more cash counts, daily deposits, or reconciling inventory with vendors that may be hard to contact. Teachers were able to teach. Coaches were able to coach. Parents didn't have to worry about missing money or lost inventory. It makes sense that teachers, coaches, and families spread the word about Zrazey funding to their churches, social groups, and other community organizations with whom they were affiliated.

We want fundraising organizers to remain focused on supporting worthy causes. We want them to talk about their vision for the future with everyone who will listen to them. We at Zrazey fundraising will help organizers track donations and send messages of thanks and gratitude to donors.  We connect people and organizations with big goals and big dreams with people who want to help and support them.

Zrazey started as a social network, and we have become masterful at building communities. Crowdfunding is an extension of the community building our organization already does.  Part of Zrazey’s mission is to breathe life into dreams. Let’s dream and achieve together.

Thank you for pursuing your fundraising goals with Zrazey Funding.