How it works

Zrazey Fundme | Crowdfunding Platform

So how does the Zrazey Fund Me process work? Let us explain.

First, create your fundraising campaign.

Your idea is in your head and your heart. You have to make your idea clear to others, so they’ll give to your campaign. Select an amazing cover image for your campaign. Grab potential donors’ attention.

Donors are supporting your idea, so you have to sell it to them.  You can have an out-of-this-world idea, but if you can’t sell it to others, it might remain good intentions- instead of a reality.  Your written description of your idea has to create intrigue and inspire commitment to you and your cause. In your written description, make sure you identify or define the problem you need to solve. Be sure to show that you have the solution to the problem. Also, be clear about how your donors fit into your solution.

After you finish designing your campaign, share it far and wide.

Share your fundraising campaign with your friends and family. Ask them to share it with people they know. Share your campaign on social media using the tools in the Zrazey Fundraising platform. Place a link to your campaign on school websites, if possible. Make the public aware of your campaign.

Finally, use the Zrazey Fund Me dashboard to track your donations. Thank donors that send you a donation. Collect your donations at the conclusion of your fundraiser and breathe life into your dreams.