Restorative Justice Tribunal Book

Learn how to implement a restorative justice approach that reduces suspension and expulsion rates, without compromising school safety and classroom order. 


Author Dr. Zachary Scott Robbins, who has turned around schools in Boston, Massachusetts, and Las Vegas, Nevada, explores the assumptions that underpin school policies that lead to high rates of suspensions and expulsions, especially for African-American students. He shares his experiences using Restorative Justice Tribunals and Restorative Justice Circles, which strike an effective balance between serving consequences to students who misbehave and providing them with therapeutic wraparound supports. 


This powerful book will help school leaders avoid discriminating based on race, national origin, or disability; will improve school climate; and will help teachers spend less time on discipline, so they can have more time for instruction and preparing students to graduate.  

Restorative Justice Tribunal 1st Edition

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by Zachary Scott Robbins 

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