Nevada DOE Restorative Practices Cohort 1 and Guests

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This is a private group for Nevada DOE RJ Community of Practice Cohort #1 members to share ideas on restorative practices

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Nevada DOE Restorative Practices Cohort 1 and Guests
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Sherrod. Laws and Victoria Sloane Welling I want you two to virtually meet each other. Viki is in the cohort of leaders I work with here in Nevada. Sherrod is someone I have kept in contact with for many months, and I have watched his career blossom. Both of you are outstanding leaders. I would like to begin by asking you two to answer something for me and share insights. 

What is one thing you have done to get your school communities to buy into a restorative way of thinking, and is it working? 

 PLEASE don't feel the need to write entire essays for your responses.

Team! Check out this case where restorative practices bump up against limitations of school/district structures. Elementary School. An African-American 3rd-grade student shows signs of an undiagnosed student with special needs. Parents refuse to consider sped services. Last year, the principal submitted requests for district support to help the student. At first, no support came. Later, a district-level behavior interventionist came. They gave recommendations and provided no additional support. This year---> The student reports to school for the first week. He has kicked and punched multiple adults. Teachers lock their doors because they are afraid he will leave his assigned class (again) and display this behavior in theirs. After the student recognizes the impact of what he has done, he shows deep contrition. Deeply apologetic. Begs for forgiveness. I often tell schools there is a difference between 1) restorative practices- which address disproportionate suspension and expulsion and repair harm someone has caused in a community, and 2) strategies schools use to establish a climate and culture conducive to high-quality teaching and learning.  Without changing the variables of this case and without falling into the trap of what someone "should have done" before things got to this point...... what should this child's teacher do now? What should this school's leader do now? What should this principal's supervisor do now? Full Disclosure- I didn't ask about the parent because the school can't compel the parent's behavior.

Hi Erin and Brettani! It was great to talk with you! Everything we write in this feed can be viewed by everyone. One of the things I'd like to know is what does a welcoming school environment look like to you 1) during a class discussion among students and the teacher and 2) during an activity where students, faculty, and families participate? The second thing I'd like to know is what infractions tend to "bubble up to the top" in terms of frequent behavior infractions? I look forward to reading your thoughts.